Truck after truck cross the asphalt line that cuts through this vast area, forcing me to follow their flow of traffic. Obstructed by sprawling bushes, my gaze focusses on the road in front of me. It is only when the asphalt crosses a train bridge, that I can grasp the extent to which industrial processes are shaping this landscape. On the way down, I see the straight line of the road from a clear perspective. Slowly, a figure is approaching who, like me, moves sluggishly forward on the shoulder of the road. The contours sharpen and the person becomes a man pushing in front of him a double pram. Attached to the pram is a green parasol with Heineken written on it, and which, for now, protects him from the sun. Furthermore, he does not carry children but only things that are essential for survival. Frederick alternates spending one winter in the streets of Barcelona, and the next year, of Napoli.